Isaac Antcher

1899 1992
 (Бессарабская губерния) (République de Moldovie) 1899 /   (France) 1992

Isaac Antcher’s family worked as storekeepers. In 1920, Antcher left for France and joined in his brother in Calais. One year later, he discovered Paris.

Between 1921 and 1924, Antcher travelled to Palestine; he studied at the Bezalel School of Fine Arts in Jerusalem and was a pioneer at the Haddera Kibbutz.

Back in Paris in 1924, he worked several small jobs; as an employee at Renault in Boulogne-Billancourt, as a Russian teacher and as a signwriter. He worked at night and studied by day at the Grande Chaumière. In 1927, encouraged by his admission to the Salon d’Automne, he submitted a landscape to art dealer Leopold Zborowski who introduced him to collector Jonas Netter. The three men signed a contract. In exchange for 2,000 Francs per month, Zborowski acquired his whole work.

In 1939, the war broke out and Antcher volunteered to serve in the army. He was discharged from service and joined his family in Montpellier in 1941. In 1943, the Antcher family foundrefuge in Switzerland and met the Fenster family. Isaac Antcher was interned in a labor camp.

Back in Paris after the Liberation, he found his studio empty and continued to paint throughout his life.