Esther Carp

1897 1970
(Pologne) 1897 /   (France) 1970

Esther Carp is born near Warsaw in a family of musicians. His father was a violinist, a painter and a photographer. She distiguishes herself from her other 6 sisters by showing her interest for painting, she admits being the exception in this family of musicians.

Esther Carp studies in Vienne in an Art school before going back to Paris in 1925. There she discovers pieces of the Nissim de Camondo collection as works of Paul Cézanne ans Alfred Sisley who she likes.

In 1931, the merchant Leopold Zborowski organizes an exhibition for her. Arranged as mosaic her work reminds the cubist sructure. That same year she leaves France for Poland.

In 1941, after her first paranoïa fit, Esther Carp is sent to hospital. While at war, this incident may have saved her life, as she was hidden in hospitals.

As she is getting back to her parisian lifestyle she has another paranoïa fit  in 1954, she accuses her hotel manager of persecution and anti-semitism. She's sent back to hospital. Back in Paris she finds a small studio boulevard Saint Germain from which she's quickly evicted. At that time, Esther Carp draws with a ball-point pen.

On November 23rd 1963, Esther Carp is sent to the Sainte Anne hospital, then to Vaucluse for delirious ideas of persecution.
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