Alexandre Riemer

1889 1942
(Ukraine) 1889 /   (Pologne) 1942

Alexandre RIEMER


Alexandre Riemer was born into a family of intellectuals and studied art in a technical college in Lvov. He left for Dresden where he continued to study at the School of Fine Arts. The paintings that he produced at that time have been kept in Dresden.

In 1927, he arrived in Paris and met Léopold Survage and Jean Lurçat, who influenced his painting. He drew numerous sketches in sketchbooks that have never been found.

In 1935, Alexandre Riemer joined the Union des Artistes Modernes (association of modern artists) in Paris. Some of his lithographs were published in the association’s album by Artès.


On the morning of 16 July 1942, four French police officers arrested him during the Vel d’Hiv roundup. He was interned in Drancy and deported on 19 July 1942 on convoy number 7. He was murdered in Auschwitz.