Raymond Kanelba (Rajmund Kanelbaum aka)

1897 1960
(Pologne) 1897 /   (Ecuador) 1960

Kanelba joins the Academy of Fine Arts of Warsaw in 1918. He takes the classes of Stanislas Lentz. After a stay in Vienna, he arrives in Paris in 1926. He travels frequently to Pont-Aven. His painting gives an impression of both clearness and blur at the same time due the inaccuracy of the outlines. Kanelba progressively abandons the blue and pink monochromes of his early years and adopts a more contrasted palette of colours. In the 30’s, Kanelba visits London and the United States and then goes back to Poland in 1933.

From 1939 to 1948, Raymond Kanelba travels between Paris, New York and London.