Paul Pitoum

1896 1940
(France) 1896 /   (France) 1940



Paul Pitoum studied painting at a school in his hometown and exhibited his work for the first time in Rostov, a city near Taganrog. As an actor, he took an interest in theater. In 1921, as he decided to travel around Europe with a troupe, the latter winded up and he turned towards theater set designing. That same year, he joined the Scala in Milan and became theater set designer. In 1922, he was in Berlin and continued to work for a Russian troupe.

Paul Pitoum then went on a series of trips to Belgium, Algeria and France. He settled in Paris in 1923. In 1936, he worked as a set designer for the Francois 1er film studios. He produced posters for the Russian cinema, and worked on the Soviet pavilion project on the occasion of the International Exhibition in 1937.


In 1939, Paul Pitoum was arrested and interned in a political prison camp. He died of a stomach ulcer on 5 July 1940.