Félicia Pacanowska

1907 2002
(Pologne) 1907 /   (France) 2002


LODZ (POLAND) 1907 – PARIS 2002

Félicia Pacanowska grew up in Lodz in a family of artists. Her mother was a sculptor and her brother became a brilliant architect in Italy. Félicia started her education at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she studied painting and engraving.

She arrived in Paris in 1932. In 1935, she travelled to England and to Italy, where she studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts and at the Scuola dell’Arte della Medaglia in Rome. Between 1935 and 1937, Félicia Pacanowska returned to Lodz, where she made friends with poet Moyshe Broderzon and painted his portrait.

Back in Paris in 1937, she spent the years of occupation hidden in very difficult conditions and avoided the 1942 roundups. Following the war, she visited Rome numerous times. At that time, she produced many paintings, including those of Chil Aronson and Ernest Nameyni. In 1954, she was awarded the Viarrego prize. In 1956, Félicia Pacanowska, was awarded the Modigliani drawing prize in Livorno. Two years later, she became a member of the jury at the Salon d’Automne and the Salon Comparaison.


In 1962, the Musée National d’Art Moderne (National Modern Art Museum) and the National Library in Paris acquired several works by Félicia Pacanowska.