Michel Adlen

1898 1980
(Ukraine) 1898 /   (France) 1980

From 1915 to 1922, Michel Adlen takes painting classes in Vienna where he shows for the first time.

In 1923, he is in Berlin and participates in multiple graphic art shows. On this same year, he arrives in Paris and goes through a short cubist period in 1925. He embraces the French nationality and, from 1929 on, draws illustrations for various tales and novels.

In 1932 a lithography album is published with a preface by André Salmon.

In 1936, he participates in the International Exhibition of wood engraving of Warsaw. The museums of Moscow and Kiev begin purchasing his engravings in 1928.  

In 1937, he collaborates with the magazine Our Artists (“Nos artistes”).

In 1955, Armand Lanoux publishes a monograph on Adlen. An album of prints is published in 1960 on the theme of the circus, The clown of Paris.

In 1963, Peter McOrlan writes the preface of his last album, Ile de France. 

Painter of the Parisian suburbia and of the city, Michel Adlen dies on January 21, 1980 in his studio.

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