Béla Meszoly

1889 1942
(Hongrie) 1889 /   (Unknown) 1942



Béla Meszoly was ten years old when his father died, leaving his wife alone with ten children. Béla’s mother wanted his son to work as a bureaucrat, but the latter dreamt to become a painter. His drawing teacher encouraged him to adopt this career path. At the age of eighteen, Béla Meszoly left for Munich, where he studied at the School of Fine Arts. In 1912, he exhibited his work in Budapest for the first time.

When the First World War broke out, Meszoly was enlisted in the Austrian army. He stopped his service on the front as he was wounded.

During the interwar period, he visited Europe and settled in Paris, in the Belleville district. He exhibited his paintings in Nice, London, Amsterdam, Prague and Paris.


On 28 September 1942, Béla Meszoly was deported on convoy number 38. He was murdered by the Nazis.