Maurice Blond (Maurice Blumenkrantz aka)

1899 1974
(Pologne) 1899 /   (France) 1974

Maurice Blond's father was a merchant from Russia and an artlover. Maurice's first works are already revealing: in 1911, after a competitive examination, one of his watercolours is noticed then exhibit at the Kiev Museum. Leaving aside his creative ambitions, Blond gets into the Warsaw University in 1922 in the Sciences of Nature's department; he changes his mind and follows for a few months classes at the Beaux-Arts School of Warsaw. To supply his needs Blond gives Mathematics lessons till 1923, the year in which he leaves for Berlin where he meets Isaac Mintchine and Kostia Terechkovitch coming, respectively, from Kiev and Moscow.

In 1924 he arrives in Paris, he settles at La Cité Falguière and makes friend with the Russian group Michel Larionov, Nathalie Gontcharova, Jean Pougny, Pinchus Krémègne and  Kostia Terechkovitch, with whom he shares a room at Montparnasse.

In 1930 he becomes the organizer and artistic adviser of the Russian magazine "Tchisla", with which he organizes a few exhibitions.

Volunteer in the French army in 1939 he's sent in the Avignon region at the beginning of war, he finds refuge and works for 2 years at a peasant's place.

At the Libération, Maurice Blond settles in Grenoble and can focus on his painting.

He exhibits  since 1923 in Paris with success, signing with his French name Blond, adopted during Occupation...
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