Marevna (Maria Marevna aka)

1892 1984
(Russie) 1892 /   (Ecuador) 1984

Marie Marevna was born in1892 in Cheboksary (administrative district of Kazan in Russia) as Maria Bronislawowna Worobjewa-Stebelskaja to the Polish nobleman Bronislaw Stebelskij and the actress Maria Worobjewa and spent a lonely childhood in Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia).

In 1910 studie in Moscow at the Stroganov Art Academy, but already in the following year left for but left to Italy the following year.

She got her nickname "Marevna" from Maxim Gorki who called her after a Russian fairy sea princess.

Moved to Paris in 1912 to continue her art studies and became acquiainted with some of the greatest artist and writers living at that time in Paris. Marie Marevna spent her mature years with her daughter (from a relationship with Diego Rivera) Marika Rivera in England, living with Marika and her family at Athelhampton, Dorset/England.

Her paintings from this time include a portrait of its owner – her son-in-law Rodney Phillips – and the stunning topiaries in its Great Court ("Pyramid Garden").

After the marriage of her daughter broke up, Marevna moved with Marika to Ealing in London suburbs. Marie Marevna was painting in cubist style combining elements of cubism (called by her "Dimensionalism") with pointillism and structure.

She sometimes is accredited with having been the first female cubist painter.