Israël Lewin

1904 1943
(Russie) 1904 /   (Unknown) 1943

Israël LEWIN


Israël Lewin’s father was a committed Zionist, who gave his son a traditionalist education. The young Israël completed his studies in Kharkov before going on several trips. In 1921, he left Russia for Poland. The following year, he visited Berlin and Belgium.

He arrived in France, discovered Paris and settled in Grenoble, where he joined a drawing school. In 1924, he met his father in Palestine, where he found inspiration. He returned to Paris in 1925.

Israël Lewin was in the Bordeaux region when the German army occupied France. He returned to Paris and left for the Zone Libre (free zone) but got into a car accident which forced him to stay in Tours. He was injured and taken to a hospital.

He was interned on 25 February 1943 in Drancy and was deported on 6 March 1943, on convoy number 51. He was murdered in Majdanek.