Lazare Volovick

1902 1977
(Ukraine) 1902 /   (France) 1977

Lazare Volovick was born in Kremenchug, Ukraine in 1902.

He studied at the Kharkiv Art College and Ukrainian Art Academy in Kyiv. In 1919-1920 moved to Constantinople and later in 1921 to Paris.

In Paris the artist studied at the Grande Chaumiere Academy. Painted portraits, nudes, still life paintings and scenes from theatrical life. Exhibited at the following galleries: La Licorne (1923, 1924), café La Rotonde (1925), Aux Quatre Chemins (1926), D'Alignan (1931). Also exhibited in Moscow in 1928 and in New York in 1936.

Lived in Paris during World War II. From 1946 worked for the Russian ballet group. Completely stopped painting due to bad health condition in 1974.

Died in Paris in 1977.