Joseph Pressmane

1904 1967
(Ukraine) 1904 /   (Unknown) 1967

Joseph Pressmane studies at the Beaux-Arts of Lvov and Warsaw before launching into a nice trip in Palestine.

In 1927, he arrives in Paris where his goal was to see some works of Cézanne. After being granted French citizenship, he works at the Ranson Academy with Roger Bissière and becomes imbued with the French masters by going to see their works at the Louvre every Sunday.

In 1932, he meets Zborowski who purchases him several paintings but who dies shortly after the contract is signed. He exhibits his paintings in several Parisian exhibitions, thus acquiring some fame and the Baroness Alix de Rotschild will support him. Nevertheless, Pressmane goes through difficult periods in regard to money, he has to work as a house painter to support himself.

In 1939, the beginning of the war compels Pressmane to disappear for several years. He lives in cellars and even in cupboards. Deep physical and moral suffering. His wife protects and hides him.

At the Liberation in 1945, he starts painting again, he wants to make up for the time he has lost and takes part in the Painters Witnesses of their Era foundation.

In 1951 he receives the Critics prize and in 1952 the Burlhe prize in Switzerland.

With his reserved nature, he keeps out of the Parisian life and keeps painting until he dies in 1967. His works now belong to many collections.