Jésékiel Kirszenbaum

1900 1954
(Pologne) 1900 /   (France) 1954

At twelve years of age, Kirszenbaum was nicknamed “the artist” and became a sign painter.

In 1920 he had moved to Berlin where he continued to paint. He gave Hebrew lessons to survive.

In 1923 he went to Weimar and met Klee and Kandinsky. He followed several Bauhaus courses and then returned to Berlin where he drew illustrations for newspapers using the pseudonym Duvtivani.

In 1933 he realised his dream of moving to Paris. He did not escape the 1941 roundup and was interned in Verneuil. His wife was deported and assassinated by the Nazis.

All Kirszenbaum’s work dating from before his arrest was destroyed.

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