Jerzy Merkel

1881 1976
(Ukraine) 1881 /   (Autriche) 1976

Coming from a lower middle class family, George Merkel makes a living off decorating flats and starts his artistic training in the School of Decorative Art of Lodz with Josef Mehoffer and Stanislas Wyspianski.

In 1903, thanks to the financial support of a friend, he enrols in the Fine Arts Academy of Krakow and will be decorated with the silver medal two years later. 

From very early on, Paris, the city of all the greatest masters of classicism, attracts him.

He arrives there in 1905 and will stay for three years before leaving back for Krakow.

In 1909, Merkel comes back to Paris and gets married. The First World War breaks out and Merkel is enrolled in the Austrian army. Seriously wounded in 1917, he undergoes a neurosurgical operation and risks blindness.

Between the two wars, the artist lives in Vienna.

In 1939, Merkel comes back to France and hides in Montauban. At the Liberation Merkel goes back to Paris and settles down in Plessis Robinson. He will spend the last years of his life in Vienna.