Jacques Chapiro

1887 1972
 (Belarus) (Lettonie) 1887 /   (France) 1972

Jacques Chapiro, son of a sculptor on wood, starts his artistic education at ten yea rs old. He gets in the Beaux Arts school of Kharkov in 1915 and in the one of Kiev in 1918. During civil war, while studying, he makes revolutionnary posters and has small jobs.

In 1921 he studies at the Beaux Arts of Petrograd and, it's at that time that he's an employee as a setting assistant for Meyerhold, director of the construsctivist theater. Then he works for Stanislavski and Wachtangov, both theater directors.

In 1925 Chapiro leaves Russia for Paris and settles at "La Ruche" for the 5 following years.

In 1939, Jacques Chapiro finds refuge in Carpentras, then in Serres in the Hautes Alpes (South East of France).

Once war over, he visits Italy before coming back to Paris for good, where he undertakes the writing of his anecdotical narration about the life of the artists of La Ruche. Against the demoliton of the latter in 1967, he founds with Chagall and Raymond Cogniat a comity to save the place and will win he fight.

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