Ismak Kogan

1898 1943
(Ukraine) 1898 /   (Unknown) 1943

Deported in 1943 Kogan grew up as one of nine children.

His father, a cabinet maker, did not oppose Kogan early departure for Odessa to study at the Fine Art Academy.

In 1919, the civil war interrupted his studies and he ended up in Moscow where he enrolled in the Fine Art Academy. Kogan then lived for two years in the Kichinev region before moving to Berlin where he frequented the avant-garde society and attended classes at a painting academy. He was interested in anatomical drawing and mainly painted nudes.

In 1924 he moved to Paris to continue his art studies.Kogan caught tuberculosis and was sent for convalescence to Vaudouet, near Fontainebleau.

He lived there until 1940, when he was arrested by the Gestapo and interned at Pithiviers. His health problems secured his release and he returned to Paris to be hidden in a friend home.

On 9 February 1943 Kogan was arrested and deported on convoy n°46.

He was assassinated by the Nazis.
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