Isaac Païles

1895 1978
(Ukraine) 1895 /   (France) 1978

Isaak Pailes was born in Kyiv in 1895. Studied sculpture in Paris until 1915. Active in Kyiv in 1915-1920; France from 1920.

Marc Sterling was born in Ukraine. He studied iconography first and in 1909 studied art at Odesa Art College.

In 1916 Sterling entered the Art School in Moscow and later in 1917 he joined avant-garde movement and became a student of Tatlin, working at the famous VHUTEMAS. Sterling became a close friend of Mayakowski with whom he studied a propaganda art of poster.

In 1922 the artist went to Berlin with Mayakowski, where he met his future wife of Polish origin, Basie.

In 1923 young Sterling and his wife move to Paris where the artist joined the circles of Montparnasse avant-garde artists with whom he became close friend. His circle included artists such as Gris, Metzinger, Leger and Ozenfant. Shortly after settling in Paris Sterling signed the contract with Gallery Zak. His first solo exhibit took place in Lodz, Poland in 1923.

During World War II left Paris and lived in French province and 1953 settled for three years in Peseux, near Neuchatel, Switzerland.

In 1956 the artist returned to Paris. During that year he traveled to Holland, Italy, Spain and Israel. Sterling started as a cubo-futuristic painter and developed his style into expressive Ecole de Paris, utilizing texture and contour to synthesize figures and objects in his paintings. Sterling's first retrospective exhibit took place in Neuchatel in 1978.