Isaac Antcher

1899 1992
 (Бессарабская губерния) (République de Moldovie) 1899 /   (France) 1992

Isaac Antcher was born in Perececina, Bessarabia, near Kichinev in 1899. He started drawing very young.

In 1920, he left Romania for Paris, where he studied under Raban at the Grand Chaumiere. Abel Pann, Boris Shatz and Raban were his professors at Bezalel art school, in Jerusalem.

In 1926, the year of his marriage to Fela Ber, he exhibited at the Salon d`Autonne and the Salon des Tuileries. Following this he became a protege of the famous art dealer Zborowski in Paris. At this time, the collector Jonas Netter, who also collected Modigliani, began to collect his works. Antcher was the youngest of the group of artists including Utrillo, Modigliani, Soutine, and Kisling, who were promoted by Zborowski. Later Antcher, who was Jewish, moved to Palestine.

He died in Paris in 1992.
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