Alice Hohermann

1902 1943
(Pologne) 1902 /   (Pologne) 1943



Alice Hohermann grew up in Warsaw in a family of industrialists and received a secular education. Following high school, she studied at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw and got married at the age of nineteen. Asserting her independence, she soon separated with her husband and moved to France.

In 1921, Alice Hohermann arrived in Paris. She completed formal artistic training and often sent money back to her family in Poland. In 1939, she planned to leave France for Brazil. However, shortly before she was about to leave, her visa was refused. She pretended to be the fiancée of a Spanish man and was able to obtain a Mexican visa. The French police arrested her aboard the boat taking her to Mexico. She managed to escape. In 1943, she stayed in Marseilles waiting for false documents to go over the Spanish border. The French police arrested her as she was waiting for a smuggler at the Spanish border. She was imprisoned in a jail in Toulouse. Six weeks later, she was interned in Drancy and was later deported on convoy number 57. She was murdered in Auschwitz.


The writer Henry Le Blanc took an interest in her painting and wrote several critical texts on her work.