François Zdenek Eberl

1887 1962
 (Богемия) (République Tchèque) 1887 /   (France) 1962

François Zdenek EBERL enters the Beaux-Arts of his native city in 1905 and, after two years of apprenticeship, he leaves to visit Stockholm, Munich and Amsterdam.

Eberl arrives in Paris in 1912, he settles in Montparnasse and, in 1913, begins to exhibit in Parisian shows.

When World War I breaks out, he enrols in the French Army.

Back to Paris in 1919, he meets Francis Carco, Roland Dorgeles and Pierre Mac-Orlan in Montmartre, all supporting his paintings and for whom he makes some illustrations. Eberl draws his inspiration from Parisian folklore. His favourite topics are street scenes, night clubs, lives of “the poor of Paris” and above all portraits of women that Arsène Alexandre will name “Jocondes du trottoir” (Preface to the exhibition Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, Paris, 1929).

In 1927, Eberl organises an exhibition in Stockholm called “The French Art”. From 1930, he divides his time between his atelier of Montmartre and his atelier of “chemin de la Turbie” in Monaco. Eberl takes part in the artistic life of the principality of Monaco: he is appointed general organizer of the exhibition “Ecole de Paris” in 1938.

In 1939 at the Autumn exhibition, Eberl exhibits “Kultur-Kampf”, an anti-Nazi canvas. It is in Monaco that he takes refuge in 1939 and participates actively in the French Resistance. After the Liberation, Eberl comes back to Paris and receives the populist prize in 1954.

He dies in October 1962 in his Parisian atelier.
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