Eugène Ebiche

1896 1987
(Pologne) 1896 /   (Pologne) 1987

Coming from a wealthy environment, Eugeniusz Ebiche studies from 1912 at the Fine Arts of Krakow taking classes with Jacek Malczewski and Wojciech Weiss. He finishes his studies in 1920 and begins showing his works at the Palace of the arts of Krakow. If his first pictures resemble in some ways to the “Formists”, Ebiche has yet never given his membership to the group. Colourist above all, little by little he gets more distant from the blurred-shape models.

In 1922, supported by the Fine Arts Academy of Krakow, he leaves for Paris and earns a scholarship from the French government. He settles down in Montparnasse and bonds with the group of polish artists leaving there. Ebiche is also friends with the writers Francis Ponge and Roger Martin du Gard who will be inspired by the artist when creating one of the characters of his novel The Thibaults. He meets his first great success at the Autumn Show held in Paris in 1925 and the art critic Waldemar George will say, talking about one his works: “We have there one the best harmonized pictures of the whole show”. He signs a first contract with Zborowski in 1926 and then with the Georges Bernheim gallery in 1930. The art collector Jonas Netter purchases numerous paintings of the artist. Ebiche has maintained a tight relationship with his mother nation all along his life.

In 1926, during the third exhibition of the Visual Artists Corporation of Krakow, “Jednorog” (Unicorn), Ebiche shows 17 paintings in Poland. 

In 1939, he comes back to Poland and uses the name of Narth in order to hide his Judaism which enables him to teach at the Fine Arts of Krakow.

In 1945, he is appointed superintendent of education at the Academy and will be the author of significant reforms notably among the group of the Colourists.

He teaches from 1950 at the Academy of Warsaw and will take part in numerous exhibitions organised all over Poland.
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