Walter Bondy

1880 1940
(Hongrie) 1880 /   (France) 1940

Walter BONDY



Walter Bondy grew up in a family of industrialists in Budapest. Between 1902 and 1903, he attended academies in Vienna, Berlin and Munich. He met Pascin at the Holosi Academy.

Bondy arrived in Paris in 1903. He associated with the Dôme’s regulars, notably Rudolf Levy, who introduced him to the German artists living in Paris. During the following ten years, Bondy lived in Montparnasse and spent his summers in the south of France.

In 1913, he went back to Berlin and participated in the first exhibitions held at the Alfred Flechtheim Gallery in Dusseldorf. In 1927, in Munich, Bondy founded his art magazine Kunstauktion and started to collect art. In 1931, he fled from anti-Semitic persecution and settled in Switzerland. During the 1930’s, he visited the French Riviera, stayed in Sanary and travelled to Vienna and Prague. He eventually moved to Toulon in 1937.


After the war broke out, Bondy, who was diabetic, managed to escape from the Camp des Milles. He died of sickness in September 1940.