Georges Ascher

1884 1943
(Pologne) 1884 /   (Pologne) 1943

Georges ASCHER



Georges Ascher was painter Roman Kramsztyk’s cousin. He studied architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and then continued his studies in Germany. During the war, which set Poland against the Red Army (1919-1921), he joined the Polish army alongside Marshal Piłsudski, and was wounded during the Lvov battle. After the Polish authorities decorated him, Ascher moved to Lvov and then to Warsaw. He got married and became an architect.

Georges Ascher arrived in Paris in 1925 and devoted himself to art. In 1937, he left his apartment in Paris with his wife and daughter for La Ciotat, where he painted many landscapes.

In 1943, Georges Ascher and his wife were arrested and sent to the Gurs internment camp. They were deported on convoy number 60 and were murdered in Auschwitz.


Georges Ascher’s work was destroyed in his studio while he was arrested.