Antoine Irisse (Avram Iris aka)

1903 1957
 (Бессарабская губерния) (République de Moldovie) 1903 /   (France) 1957

Antoine Irisse was born in 1903 in Kichinev, Bessarabia. He has studied at the “Beaux-Arts” of Kichinev then he went in Belgium where he has studied at the Royal Academy of Bruxelles. In 1926, he settled down in Paris where he worked in the studio of Wlerick and Arnold. Fauviste painter of the Ecole de Paris, he participates largely to the artistic life of Montparnasse.

He is noticed by the critics in 1929, particularly by Waldemar George, editorship of the magazine Prisme des Arts. He has contributed to collective exhibitions and also to the main Parisian fairs. Then he had a solo exhibition at the gallery of Katia Granoff, “Aux Quatres Chemins” and at the Gallery Armand Drouant. Then, he had two major solo exhibitions at the Gallery André Weil, avenue Matignon, which was a huge success for both the public and the critics.

He died at the age of 53 in 1957 in Paris.

His painting, full of poetry, is a hymn to the light, the colors, the joie de vivre. He has associated with mastery

striking colors, hardiness, simplifying the perspective, giving to the forms very denuded lines.