André Blondel (Chayé Sacha Blonder aka)

1909 1949
 (Галичина) (Ukraine) 1909 /   (France) 1949

André Blondel grows up in Czortkow, a big village in the south east of Lvov, Poland. At 17 he gets in the Beaux Arts Academy of Krakow, that same year he makes his first trip to Paris.

In 1930, he's given a scholarship, he settles in Paris and studies at the Beaux Arts in the Architecture department. Back to Poland between 1930 and 1937, Blondel militates in a left wing political party. He founds with his friends a group of artists called "Le groupe de Cracovie" (The Krakow group"), their first exhibition takes place in Lvov in 1933. Then he gets in "L'Union des Artistes et Ecrivains polonais" (The Union of the Polish Artists and Writers) from which he'll be expelled in 1937 for political activism. In that same year, he gets a second scholarship which allows him to go back to Paris.

In 1939, Blondel is enlisted in the Polish Army. A year later he's sent out of it and finds refuge in Aix-en-Provence in the South East of France.

In 1943, Blondel settles in the Languedoc and exhibits in Montpellier, Béziers, Toulouse and Sète and makes frequent trip between 1945 and 1949. He's part of the creation of "l'École de Sète" with François Desnoyer, Gabriel Couderc and others. André Blondel goes back to Paris in 1948 and dies accidently on  June, 14Th 1949.
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