Alfred Aberdam

1894 1963
(Ukraine) 1894 /   (France) 1963

Born in Lviv (Lvov, Lwow) in 1894. During World War I as a war prisoner was sent to Siberia and then to Moscow. In 1921 entered Krakow Fine Art Academy where studied in the studio of T. Axentowicza. Later moved to Paris.

Since 1926 participated in salon exhibitions of the Independent and Tuileries. Exhibited also with Polish artists in a group exhibit of Contemporary Polish Art at the Gallery Bonaparte in 1929. In 1932 exhibited at Lviv’s Museum of Decorative Art and in Warsaw at the Jewish Society of Fine Art. In 1935 exhibited in Lviv together with Aberdam, Chwistka, Teisseyre’a and Wodzickie. Personal exhibits in Paris in 1952, in London in 1961 and in Tel Aviv in 1962. First retrospective exhibit took place in Geneva’s Petit Palais in 1970.

Aberdam painted landscapes, figurative compositions, and still life painting.
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