Alexandre Frenel (Isaac Frenkel aka)

1899 1981
(Ukraine) 1899 /   (Israel) 1981

Alxandre Frenel studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Odessa until 1917.

He arrives in Paris in 1920, takes classes at the Fine Arts, at the Academy of the Grande Chaumière, shows in the Parisian salons and spends some time at the Dôme café.

In 1945, he settles down in Israel, founds a school and teaches painting. If the first paintings of Frenel bear the mark of the biblical universe, he will then paint scenes of the daily life and still lives.

His experience with abstraction makes him aware of the use of space; “Frenel already knows that for him, the essential resides in the expression of the visible maybe, but of the invisible above all.” (Catalogue of the show of Alexandre Frenel, Orangerie du Sénat, July 1978).
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