Adolphe Milich

1884 1964
(Pologne) 1884 /   (France) 1964

At the age of 13, Adlophe Milich is a painter in letters. His father, a merchant, is ruined in fire. To provide for his family, he moves to Lodz and becomes a teacher.

Milich leaves to study at the Fine Arts Academy of Warsaw and of Munich from 1902 to 1904. He studies with Frantz Von Stuck in 1903. One day in Munich, by chance, he meets Pascin then simple illustrator for Simplissimus. He advises him to move to Paris but Milich dreams of discovering Italy. To make a living, he draws for his colleagues who then sell the drawings under their names. Requested in Warsaw to be enrolled, he is denied admission because he is too short. 

In 1909, he spends a few months in Paris, spends some time in the studio of Castelucho, he absorbs the great masters’ aesthetics and draws antic sculptures. He reproaches a lack of technique to modern painters and leaves for Madrid in 1910. There, he visits the museums and copies Velasquez and Goya for a German collector.

In 1911, he is in Rome. Sociable portraitist, he rises up against the anti-Semitic sentiments expressed in the salons.

In 1915, he is in Lugano, in Switzerland. 

Back in Paris in 1920, he settles down in Montparnasse. Solitary, he hangs out in the Louvre and spends his summers in Sanary until 1927. On the summer of 1931, he is in La Ciotat. 

Art collector, he gets interested in Degas’ paintings, and in the sculptures of Charles Despiau and Jacob Loutchansky.

In 1934, the museum of the Jeu de Paume acquires his paintings which will be shown in the main room.

In 1937, he participates in the International Exhibition and is prized of the bronze medal. During the years of Occupations, Milich hides in Saint-Tropez from 1940 for two years. In 1942, he reaches Lugano. At the Liberation, he goes back to Paris.

In 1951, he travels to Israel and works a lot. 

Milich continues painting until his death in 1964. His works are shown in French and foreign museums. In 1966, the city of Lugano inaugurates a Milich Museum in the Villa Ciani.