Abraham Weinbaum

1890 1943
(Ukraine) 1890 /   (Pologne) 1943

Abraham Weinbaum’s father was a textile industrialist and settled in Lodz with his family. Abraham Weinbaum was not very attached to this city, which he considered too materialistic, and he moved to Odessa to study painting. He was looking for a more “romantic” city and went to Krakow where he got in the touch with the revolutionary Jewish youth. He became friends with the painter Joseph Leski. Weinbaum studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Krakow with Joseph Pankiewicz who made him want to discover Paris and its masters.

He arrived in Paris in 1910 and exhibited his work at the official Salons. He also exhibited his paintings with success in Belgium, where the State acquired one of his works. Weinbaum often travelled to Lodz.

In 1940, he left for Marseilles with his wife and daughter. They were arrested on 22 January 1943, were interned in Compiègne and later transferred to Drancy.

On 23 March 1943, they were deported on convoy number 52. They were murdered in Sobibor.